Members of the PPP


  1. 28Fevrier Pte Ltd
  2. 3M Innovation Singapore
  3. Activecool Fashion Pte Ltd
  4. AcuiZen Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd
  6. Aesthetics Marketing Asia Pte Ltd
  7. AICA Asia Pacific Holding
  8. Albemarle Singapore Pte Ltd
  9. Alphacel
  10. Alterpacks Pte. Ltd.
  11. Altrade Marketing Pte Ltd
  12. Alstron (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  13. AMS Pte Ltd
  14. AntePlastics Pte Ltd
  15. Anzene Pte Ltd
  16. Apex Pulp Pte Ltd
  17. Arcstone Pte Ltd
  18. Armor Asia Imaging Supplies Pte Ltd
  19. Asia Pacific Breweries (Singapore) Private Limited
  20. ASTAR Packaging Pte Ltd
  21. AT Tooling Services
  22. At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy
  23. Australian Fruit Juice (S) Pte Ltd
  24. AVer Information Inc.
  25. Bake Mission Pte Ltd
  26. Baker's Oven Pattisieries
  27. Banshing Industrial Co., Pte Ltd
  28. Bartley Traders Pte Ltd
  29. Baxter Healthcare Asia Pte Ltd
  30. Bayswater Shipping & Forwarding P/L
  31. B.Braun Singapore Pte Ltd
  32. Bee Sim Foods Pte Ltd
  33. Benjamin Barker Aust Pte Ltd
  34. Beta MedTech Pte Ltd
  35. Bhavani Stores Pte Ltd
  36. BHF Pte Ltd
  37. Bhutan Natural Pte Ltd
  38. Bio Coke Pte Ltd
  39. Bio Packaging Pte Ltd
  40. Biopak Sustainable Solutions Pte Ltd
  41. Blue Aqua International Pte Ltd
  42. Boehringer Ingelheim Singapore Pte Ltd
  43. Bok Seng Logistics Pte Ltd
  44. Bollore Logistics Singapore Pte Ltd
  45. Boncafe International Pte Ltd
  46. Borouge Pte Ltd
  47. Challenger Technologies Limited
  48. Chee Seng Oil Factory Pte Ltd
  49. CHEP Singapore Pte Ltd
  50. Cheun Cheong Food Industries
  51. Chia Khim Lee Food Industries Pte Ltd
  52. Chinatown Food Corp Pte Ltd
  53. Chip Lee Jewellry Pte Ltd
  54. Chuan Hong Seng Pte Ltd
  55. Chuan Seng Leong Pte Ltd
  56. CircleLives Pte Ltd
  57. CMM Marketing Management Pte Ltd
  58. Coca Cola Singapore Beverage Pte Ltd
  59. Conrad Maintenance Services Pte Ltd
  60. Containers Printers Pte Ltd
  61. Cooking Art Industries Pte Ltd
  62. CooperVision Singapore Pte Ltd
  63. Corlison Pte Ltd
  64. CreativeMark Pte Ltd
  65. Creatz3D
  66. Crown Beverages Cans Singapore Pte Ltd
  67. Def-Tech (S) Pte Ltd
  68. Delivery Hero (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  69. Dell Global B.V Singapore
  70. Denis Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
  71. Detpak Packaging Pte Ltd
  72. DKSH Singapore Pte Ltd
  73. D'Mark Technologies (S) Pte. Ltd.
  75. Dow Chemical Pacific (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  76. ecoSPIRITS
  77. Ee Sin Paper Products
  78. Eng Bee Paper Merchant Pte Ltd
  79. Equipment and Industrial Supplies Company Pte Ltd
  80. ETF Eco Corp Pte Ltd
  81. Eu Yan Sang (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  82. Exxonmobil Chemical Asia Pacific
  83. Eye-Biz Pte Ltd
  84. F&N Foods Pte Ltd
  85. F.I.S.H Group
  86. Far East Packaging Industrial Pte Ltd
  87. Fest Enterprise Oil Pte Ltd
  88. Fonterra
  89. Foodpride
  90. Foreword Coffee Pte Ltd
  91. Four One Eleven LLP
  92. Fruits Vending Pte Ltd
  93. Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
  94. FUJIFILM Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
  95. GA Circular (Registered as Gone Adventurin Pte Ltd)
  96. Gardenia Foods (S) Pte. Ltd.
  97. Gedgestudios
  98. Ghimli Global Pte Ltd
  99. GIC Testing & Inspection Services Pte Ltd
  100. Global Oceanlink Pte Ltd
  101. Goh Yeow Seng Pte Ltd
  102. Goldkili Trading Enterprise (S) Pte Ltd
  103. Good Pharma Dermatology Pte Ltd
  104. GP Battery Marketing (S) Pte Ltd
  105. Greenpac (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  106. GUAVA Amenities Pte Ltd
  107. Ha Li Fa Pte Ltd
  108. Hai Sia Seafood Pte Ltd
  109. Hai's Pte Ltd
  110. HAVI Global Solutions (Asia Pacific) LLC
  111. Heleflo Products Pte Ltd
  112. Heng Lai Heng Trading Enterprise
  113. Henkel Singapore Pte Ltd
  114. Herbalife International Singapore Pte Ltd
  115. HP PPS Singapore (Sales) Pte Ltd.
  116. Huber's Pte. Ltd.
  117. IC360 Pte. Ltd.
  118. ICIS
  119. Ikeda Group Pte Ltd
  120. Independent Purchasing Company Asia Pacific
  121. Interchamp Trading Pte Ltd
  122. JAB Design Ptd Ltd
  123. Jabil Circuit (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  124. Japan Tobacco International
  125. Jebsen & Jebsen Ingredients (S) Pte Ltd
  126. JFE Engineering Corporation
  127. Johnson & Johnson Pte Ltd
  128. JPS Enterprise
  129. JT International Singapore Pte. Ltd.
  130. Jurong Cold Store Pte Ltd
  131. Just Greens Food Pte Ltd
  132. K. C. Dat (S) Pte Ltd
  133. K.D. Feddersen Singapore Pte Ltd
  134. Kaimay Trading Pte Ltd
  135. Kee Song Food Corporation (S) Pte Ltd
  136. Kiom Kee Pte Ltd
  137. Kleen-Pak Products Pte Ltd
  138. KODA Ltd
  139. Kombynation Co.
  140. KrisShop Pte. Ltd.
  141. Kurita (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  142. Kwong Cheong Thye Pte Ltd
  143. L’eaine Pte. Ltd.
  144. L'Earth (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  145. Legend Logistics Limited
  146. Leong Guan Food Trading Pte Ltd
  147. LHT Holdings Limited
  148. Lian Lee Wooden Case Maker Co Pte. Ltd.
  149. LifeVista@Community Pte Ltd
  150. Lim Kee Food Manufacturing Pte Ltd
  151. Lloyd McGill Pte Ltd
  152. Long Pun Enterprise Pte Ltd
  153. Longrunn Medical Technologies Pte Ltd
  154. Lux Global Label
  155. Luxasia Pte Ltd
  156. LVMH Fragrances & Cosmetics
  157. Madal Eating House Pte Ltd
  158. Malayan Daching Co Pte Ltd
  159. Mandai Link Logistics
  160. Marina Bay Sands
  161. Marks&Clerk Singapore LLP
  162. Medtronic International Limited
  163. Megapac Manufacturing Pte Ltd
  164. Menshen Packaging Singapore Pte Ltd
  165. Mentor Media Ltd
  166. Mermaid Ventures Pte Ltd
  167. Micron Asia Semiconductors Pte Ltd
  168. Microwave Packagaing (S) Pte Ltd
  169. Mieux Pte Ltd
  170. Mindo Tec Food Pte Ltd
  171. Moovaz Innovation Pte Ltd
  172. MSM Mishima (S) Vending Machine & Supply Service Pte Ltd
  173. Mussen Pte Ltd
  174. My Mums Kitchen Pte Ltd
  175. MYKE Technologies Pte Ltd
  176. NamZ Pte Ltd
  177. NEC
  178. Neoasia (S) Pte Ltd
  179. Nestle Singapore Pte Ltd
  180. Ninja Logistics Pte Ltd
  181. Novartis Singapore Pte Ltd
  182. NSP Tech Pte Ltd
  183. Nutriright Pte. Ltd.
  184. Nuvojoy Pte Ltd
  185. O.E. Manfacturing Pte Ltd
  186. Oeteo Pte Ltd
  187. Oh Aik Guan Food Industrial Pte Ltd
  188. O-I Singapore Pte Ltd
  189. Oliver Healthcare Packaging Asia Pte Ltd
  190. ONI Global Pte. Ltd.
  191. Open Sesame Labs Pte Ltd
  192. Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics
  193. OVOL Singapore Pte Ltd
  194. Pan Seas Enterprises Pte Ltd
  195. Penta-Chem Services Pte Ltd
  196. Pentagon Group Pte Ltd
  197. PepsiCo
  198. Perfect Nature Pte Ltd
  199. Philip Morris Singapore Pte Ltd
  200. Phoon Huat Pte Ltd
  201. Picco Enterprise Pte Ltd
  202. POKKA Pte Ltd
  203. Polynnovate Pte. Ltd.
  204. Procter & Gamble (P&G)
  205. PS Food & Beverage (S) Pte Ltd
  206. Pure Senses Pte Ltd
  207. RedMart Limited
  208. Regentech Pte Ltd
  209. Republic Polytechnic - Centre of Innovation for Supply Chain Mgmt
  210. Resorts World at Sentosa Pte Ltd
  211. Revive
  212. Revolv Pte Ltd
  213. Rexadvance Technology Pte Ltd
  214. Richee Engineering Enterprise Pte Ltd
  215. Roche Diagnostics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
  216. RyPax Ltd
  217. S&N International Pte Ltd
  218. SAP
  219. Sapphire Windows
  220. SC (Sang Choy) International Pte Ltd
  221. Scan-food Pte Ltd
  222. SCGM
  223. Seah's Spices Food Industries Pte. Ltd.
  224. Sealed Air
  225. Secure Food Pte Ltd
  226. See Hai Tat Medical Hall (S) Pte Ltd
  227. Seng Hua Hng Foodstuff Pte Ltd
  228. Servo Dynamics
  229. SESTO Robotics Pte Ltd
  231. Shanthees Curry Restaurant Pte Ltd
  232. Sheng Siong Group Ltd
  233. Sheldon Global Pte Ltd
  234. Sin Han Holdings S.E.A. Pte Ltd
  235. Sing Chye Heng Investment Holdings
  236. Sing Mah Wooden Cases Manufacturer Pte Ltd
  237. Sirane Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
  238. SKF Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
  239. Skindays Pte Ltd
  240. SmartComm Electronics Pte Ltd
  241. Starbucks Coffee Singapore Pte Ltd
  242. Starlite Printers (Far East) Pte Ltd
  243. Sunfresh Singapore Pte Ltd
  244. Sunrise Trading Pte Ltd
  245. Sunstream Industries Pte Ltd
  246. Suntory Beverage & Foods Asia Pte Ltd
  247. Super Bean International Pte Ltd
  248. Superlative Foods Pte Ltd
  249. Surbana Jurong
  250. Syspex Technologies Pte Ltd
  251. T&J Electric (S) Pte Ltd
  252. Tan Soon Mui
  253. Tat Lee Engineering Pte Ltd
  254. Tea Ideas Pte Ltd
  255. Tetra Pak South East Asia Pte Ltd
  256. The Arkon (S) Pte Ltd
  257. The Ugly Company Pte Ltd
  258. Theo10 Pte Ltd
  259. Thong Siek Food Industry Pte Ltd
  260. Times Printers Pte Ltd
  261. Tiong Lam Supplies Pte Ltd
  262. Tomra Sorting Singapore Pte Ltd
  263. Tong Seng Produce
  264. Toppan Printing Co Ltd, Singapore Branch
  265. Tortoise the Label
  266. Toshiba Tec Singapore Pte Ltd
  267. TRIA Pte. Ltd.
  268. TUV Nord (Thailand) Ltd. (Singapore Branch)
  269. TUV SUD Asia Pacific
  270. TÜV SÜD PSB Singapore
  271. TVI Pte Ltd
  272. Unifood International Pte Ltd
  273. Vismark Food Industries Pte Ltd
  274. Vitakids Pte Ltd
  275. Vitasoy International Singapore Pte. Ltd.
  276. Wah Son Engineering Pte Ltd
  277. Wan Shon Trading Pte Ltd
  278. Wanin Industries Pte Ltd
  279. Watson's Personal Care Stores Pte Ltd
  280. Win Sin Pte Ltd
  281. Winson Press Pte Ltd
  282. Wiselink
  283. WWW Cargo Pte Ltd
  284. Xcel Industrial Supplies Pte Ltd
  285. Xi3 Consulting
  286. YCH Group Pte Ltd
  287. Yee Lee Oils & Foodstuffs (S) Pte Ltd
  288. You Tiao Man Pte Ltd
  289. Zenxin Agri-Organic Food PL
  290. Zero Spot Laundry Service Pte Ltd
  291. Zero Waste City
  292. Zero Waste SG
  293. Zimmer Pte. Ltd
  294. Zinnia Packaging (S) Pte Ltd


Trade Associations and Chambers

  1. Food and Beverage Industry Group, Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF)

  2. Food Industry Asia (FIA)

  3. Global Compact Network Singapore (GCNS)

  4. Lifestyle Industry Group, Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF)

  5. Medical Technology Industry Group, Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF)

  6. Packaging Council of Singapore (PCS), Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF)

  7. Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)

  8. Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC)

  9. Singapore Environment Council (SEC)

  10. Singapore Food Manufacturers' Association (SFMA)

  11. Singapore Retail Liquor Shop Association (SRLSA)

  12. Waste Management & Recycling Association of Singapore (WMRAS)

  13. World Wide Fund for Nature Singapore


  1. Food Innovation & Resource Centre (FIRC)

Government Agencies

  1. Enterprise Singapore

  2. National Environment Agency