About Logo for Products with Reduced Packaging (LPRP)

Logo for LPRP


The 'Logo for Products with Reduced Packaging' (LPRP) is a voluntary eco-label to mark packaging of products that have undergone improvements to reduce the amount of packaging materials used. Launched on the 5th of June 2017 at the World Environment Day, it was introduced under the Singapore Packaging Agreement (SPA) to enable consumers to identify products with reduced packaging and recognise companies that have made the efforts to minimise packaging waste. However, the LPRP is not to be used as a form of support or endorsement of any organisation, product or event.

Companies that have taken proactive steps in reducing the use of packaging materials for their products and are members of the PPP may apply to print this logo on their products, subject to approval.

Contact the PPP Secretariat to find out more.

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