LPRP Guidelines

Guidelines on Use of Logo for Products with Reduced Packaging (LPRP)

  1. In order to qualify for use of the LPRP, products will need to meet the prevailing eligibility criteria of:
    1. Being a consumer product that belongs to a Packaging Partnership Programme Member for application from 1 July 2020
    2. Having undergone some reduction in packaging material usage (e.g. reduction in thickness, reduction in weight, elimination of unnecessary packaging, etc)
  1. The LPRP can only be used by Packaging Partnership Programme Members, subjected to the Terms and Conditions set out below:
    1. The LPRP shall be printed only on approved consumer product packaging
    2. The LPRP shall be used in a way in which it is intended, that is, to inform others that the Member has reduced the amount of packaging used for the product(s) sold in Singapore. The LPRP is to be reproduced in full (please refer to the 'Logo Guidelines' for acceptable formats).
    3. Wordings, graphics or objects are not to block or be superimposed over the design of the LPRP.
    4. The LPRP cannot be used:
      1. in any trademark;
      2. as part of an organisation’s logo;
      3. in association with or in promotion activities which are illegal or likely to debase the LPRP.
    5. The LPRP shall not be pre-fixed or post-fixed by any wordings, unless written approval is given by the Packaging Partnership Programme Advisory Committee.
  1. If the use is found to breach any of the guidelines, upon notification by the Packaging Partnership Programme Advisory Committee (or its Secretariat), such use is to cease immediately.
  1. Members shall seek approval from the Packaging Partnership Programme Advisory Committee of any use of the LPRP on promotional/publicity/educational materials or on their website.
  1. The approval of the use of the LPRP must be done through the submission of the Application Form.