Packaging Partnership Programme (PPP) Membership

  1. What are the benefits that members get to enjoy?

Members would be able to get updates on information relating to sustainable packaging waste management, priority during registration for PPP Workshops and Trainings and many more

  1. What are the procedures of becoming a PPP Member

To join, simply complete the online form or download the form and send the completed form to the PPP Secretariat via email. After processing and approval by the PPP Advisory Committee, we will send you your membership kit.

  1. Is there an annual subscription fee?

There is no membership fee to join the PPP. It is free!

  1. How can my company terminate membership?

Please write in via email, with reason, to the PPP Secretariat to inform us about your withdrawal.

  1. We are a Group with various subsidiaries. Can we apply for membership as a Group?

It would be better to sign up as a member for individual subsidiaries instead of a Group so that more people in the Group would be able to enjoy the benefits of being a PPP Member.

Logo for Products with Reduced Packaging (LPRP)

  1. Why should I apply for the LPRP?

The Logo enables consumers to identify that your company has made the effort to reduce packaging and minimise packaging waste. More information is available here.

  1. Is the LPRP mandatory for companies to apply?

It is a voluntary eco-label to mark packaging of products that have undergone improvements to reduce packaging materials.

  1. What are the procedures for application?

Fill up the LPRP online application form or download the form and submit the completed form to the PPP Secretariat via email. The application will be subjected to approval by the PPP Advisory Committee. You may find out more instructions on the application here.

  1. Is there a fee for applying?

It is free of charge. However, applicants would need to be a PPP Member first in order to apply. Find out more about being a PPP Member.

  1. My Product has a range of flavour and variety. Do I need to apply for each type?

Yes, you would need to apply for each variation, with documentary proof that the packaging of the product has undergone some reduction in material usage. Find out more about the guidelines on the use of LPRP.